Relax Me Now


For when you need to help your other half to slow down a little – this kit has exactly what you’ll need: with bathing and aromatherapy products containing some seriously relaxing essential oils, a spot of Norah for those all important relaxing tones and a stress relief massage oil for you to help soothe her cares away.



Detailed box contents: Suggested use:
Glass Tealight Holder Set (4)
kc60l 4 Glass tealight holders to pop those wonderfully romantic, atmosphere building, tea lights into. These holders will help enhance the light emitted from your tea lights, throwing out lovely little shadows. Oh yes, and they’ll also stop the surface you’ve popped your tea light on getting damaged from wax and burn marks too.   read more Pop these tea light holders round the bath…

Tealights (10)
kc16l Forget harsh overhead lights when you need to create a romantic atmosphere and go for some natural candlelight instead. This pack of 10 Tealights can be used all over the room you are romantic’ing up to create a wonderfully relaxing and romantic ambiance.   read more and place the tealights in their holders, run your partner a bath and light the candles.

Honeysucklecove Relax Bath Melt
laxmelt A lovely little heart shaped ballistic from The Honeysucklecove, filled with lavender essential oils which will work wonders, not only to relax your partner before bedtime (with you) by filling her bath with natural lavender petals, but also as an antiseptic.   read more When this bath bomb gets placed in your partners bath she will pretty much instantly get a full hit of gorgeous lavender. As the natural lavender petals appear from the ballistic she can step in, relax, unwind and breath a sigh of relief.

Honeysucklecove Relax Soap
relaxSoap 100g of wondrous handcut Lavender Swirl soap from Honeysucklecove. Contains the relaxing fragrances of lavender which are well known for their antiseptic and antibiotic qualities.   read more Pop this wonderful smelling soap on the side of the bath for her, leave the wrapper on so she can marvel at the yummy ingredients and watch the lavender do its magic.

Ceramic Moon and Star Oil Burner
kc22l Our large Blue/Brown Moon and Star Fragrance Oil Burner is beautifully crafted in terracotta. To use it simply half fill the well with water and add a few drops of one of our carefully chosen Essential Oils. Place a tea light in the opening on the base and light to start to release those magic fragrances!   read more Fill the well with water, pop a tealight in the opening and light.

Bergamot Essential Oil
sk79l The wonderful Bergamot Organic essential oil can help to relax your partner and ease her anxieties. It is expressed from the peel of citrus fruit and is uplifting and fruity.   read more Pop a few drops of this oil in the well, wait a short while for the water to heat and let the bergamot do its very clever thing.

The House of Soap Stress Relief Massage Oil
sk115l 100ml of completely gorgeous massage oil blended by the Somerset based team at The House Of Soap, using only almond oil as the carrier oil, and the pure essential oils of Bergamot, Orange and Lavender to give this massage oil its own unique character. Heat gently in a cup of warm water, dim the lights, warm your room and give your partner a brilliant massage to help her relax and drift into your arms.   read more This wonderful massage oil is specially formulated to help your partner relax at the end of a busy day through the rather magical powers of the bergamot and lavender essential oils.