Its My Birthday


A wonderfully indulgent birthday gift, with a little bit of cheeky sauciness thrown in too.



Detailed box contents: Suggested use:
James Chocolates Amaretto Truffles
sk89l These wonder truffles are heavenly stuff indeed. Handmade with real fresh cream and Italian Amaretto Liqueur for a great flavour and a soft, melting texture. Sit back, slow down, relax and the both of you take the time to savour each yummy bite. read more

Kiss Me Never Say Never Babydoll, Black
sk1139l Never say never, a fly away babydoll, known for its innovative floral lace. With adjustable scallop lace trim straps that lie gently on the skin, a chiffon body with front bow tie under bodice – it is sheer, lightweight and extremely comfortable, bound to impress… Colour: Black read more

Honeysucklecove Romance Body Bath
RomancebathMelt The Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb is packed choc full sensual and relaxing oils that your partner will love. Pour her a bath, leave this giant ballistic on the side and invite her to; step in, relax, and soak up the sensual scents. read more...

Honeysucklecove Relax Bath Melt
laxmelt Run her a bath, remove all distractions, put the kids to bed (yourself!), light some candles and pop this Jasmine, YlangYlang & Sandalwood Bath Melt Cake on the side of the bath for her to plop on in. Then invite her to step in and soak up the fantastically therapeutic properties of patchouli and lavender that will be released from within… read more

Original Carshalton Lavender Bath Salts
sk117l Calming, reassuring and therapeutic – Original Carshalton Lavender combines Dead Sea Salts, Epsom salts and Original Carshalton Lavender for a herbaceous skin nourishing treat and pure relaxation. Pour into a running bath, allow the salts to dissolve, the Lavender to work its magic and then invite your partner to step in and unwind… read more Either pour into her bath for her and let the wonderful scent of lavender emanate throughout your house tempting her into the bathroom, or let her pour whilst you fetch her a glass of wine.

Honeysucklecove Relax Body Butter
bodbter1 Your partner will love it. She’ll love the fragrances, the decadency, the long-lasting moisture and you’ll love the smile on her face and the fact that you get an opportunity to ask if she’d like some help rubbing it all over her fine bod! read more Offer to give her another birthday treat after her bath – rub this gorgeous body butter all over for a spot of sensual indulging.

Sex! Coupons
sk68l This really rather kinky book of sex coupons will help to enthral and excite you both as you promise each other an array of different positions! These 20 coupons are seriously playful and erotic and could well expand your sexual repertoire, filling it with excitement and anticipation. read more The surprise gift that keeps on giving!… Wrap and hand over with a cheeky wink! Well, it is her birthday after all.

Yes Water-Based Natural Lubricant 75ml
sk1144l Experience a breakthrough in Lubricant technology with Yes. Yes lubricants offer you the discretion of products which draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste or colour. We believe that lubricants should facilitate your pleasure, without masking your skin and senses. Sexual arousal is intimately linked to natural pheremones, and with Yes lube, your own signals of desire are neither obscured nor confused. read more And for some birthday night fun… we wouldn’t advise giving this as a birthday gift, but this all natural wonder lube will feel like a present that you had her well-being in mind when you bought it.