Indulge me now


The kit you'll need for when your partner needs some serious indulgence. Relax her, feed her senses. Contains the vital ingredients for you to seriously pamper, spoil and satisfy the one you love.



Detailed box contents: Suggested use:
Cosabella Dolce Babydoll
sk1135l The Cosabella Dolce Babydoll combines beauty and comfort effortlessly. Featuring an ultra soft and comfortable cotton blend, chevron lace trimming and adjustable shoulder straps. read more…

James Chocolates Champagne Truffles
sk90l These completely gorgeous champagne truffles from those clever people at James chocolate in Somerset are made of simply heavenly stuff; Marc de Champagne liqueur, fresh cream and hand rolled in icing sugar. Sit back, slow down, relax and the both of you take the time to savour and enjoy each and every bite. read more…

Stealing Beauty DVD
kc23l With plenty of erotic content throughout – nudity, several sexual episodes and a fair amount of dialog about sex – this is a great film, and one which could well get you both rather hot under the collar. read more…

Honeysucklecove Revive Bath Melt
revivemelt This gorgeous looking and smelling bath melt, packed full of orange oil and real Eucalyptus – to give a great, longer lasting scent, will help to bring a little calm, happiness and warmth to your partners otherwise busy and potentially rather hectic life. And if you are looking to get a little of what you’d like you’ll need her to be calm, happy and relaxed. read more… Clear your bathroom of all distractions (perhaps even give it a clean) then at the appropriate time run her a bath…

Original Carshalton Lavender Bath Foam
sk118l Carshalton Lavender Bath Foam is a rich foaming bath soak made with Organic Carshalton Lavender. Carshalton Lavender bath foam is perfect before bedtime or just to escape the stresses of the day. It contains some very clever Dead Sea Minerals which will help to re-hydrate your partners fine bod. And if you don’t already know the wondrous smell of Lavender then think – rich, herbaceous and heavenly – and you’ll be about there! read more… Invite her to step on in to unwind and relax, then give her a choice of bath bomb and foam… one for now and another for later maybe.

Roasted Yellow Beet Salad Vegetarian Starter Recipe
kc30l This vegan winter salad recipe is simple, but won’t bore your partner. You may want to skip the red onions though! If you catch the drift. This recipe card will tell you simply what you need to buy and how to make it so that you can start your date night dinner off brilliantly. read more… Finish off the preparations for a wonderfully indulgent three course meal whilst she bathes.

Cod with ricotta and chive sauce main course recipe
sk134l Cod with ricotta and chive sauce, is an impressive main course dish that takes some effort but is definitely worth the end result. read more… Serve with her favorite wine or maybe even champagne for that extra added spot of decadence and luxury.

Chocolate Mousse Dessert Recipe
kc34l A ridiculously easy chocolate mousse recipe for a fabulous conclusion to your seductive meal. This recipe is so simple its daft! It takes just 5 minutes and creates very minimal amounts of washing up and your partner will be amazed at how good it tastes, not to mention being mighty impressed that you went to the effort of course… read more… Follow our suggestion in the recipe and use 70% dark chocolate – for that perfect end to your meal. Perhaps you could even feed each other this wonderfully indulgent chocolate mousse?

Honeysucklecove Romantic Massage Candle
romantic1 Honeysucklecove Romantic Massage Candle. Two birds, one stone springs to mind… firstly immerse your partner in the radiant glow of the flickering candlelight and then, once the shea butter, all natural soy wax and apricot kernel oil has melted nourish and moisturize your partners skin by massaging it over her back, legs and arms. Heat up your room, light the candle, place some seductive tunes on the stereo, whisper sweet nothings to each other and before you know it she’ll be putty in your clever hands… read more... Light your massage candle well in advance so it can gently provide you both with a warm, flickering glow whilst you eat or post dinner whilst you snuggle in together.

Honeysucklecove Revive Body Butter
bodybuterrevive Your partner will love it. She’ll love the fragrances, the decadency, the long-lasting moisture and you’ll love the smile on her face and the fact that you get an opportunity to ask if she’d like some help rubbing it all over her fine bod! read more… With a choice of massage candle or body butter to rub in to help her keep her skin wonderfully soft and enriched you get a great opportunity to give her an indulgent sensual massage.

Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold
kc50l A luxurious satin blindfold from the Sex and Mischief range to add graceful style and sensual elegance to your kinky play sessions. read more To brilliantly round off your evening indulge all her senses and help her delight in the pleasures that a little mystery will bring with a blindfold that’s shaped to perfection.