Game On!


The perfect kit for your romantic games night in… with everything you’ll need for that perfect night of relaxation, romance, seduction, fun and more… this kit has it all.


Detailed box contents: Suggested use:
James Chocolates Dark Truffles
sk91l These dark wonder truffles are heavenly stuff indeed. Made with 70% cocoa Ecuadorian dark chocolate and fresh cream, a splash of brandy and then rolled in dark chocolate flakes. Yum! Sit back, slow down, relax and the both of you take the time to savour and enjoy each and every bite. read more

Glass Tealight Holder Set (4)
kc60l 4 Glass tealight holders to pop those wonderfully romantic, atmosphere building, tea lights into. These holders will help enhance the light emitted from your tea lights, throwing out lovely little shadows. Oh yes, and they’ll also stop the surface you’ve popped your tea light on getting damaged from wax and burn marks too. read more

Tealights (10)
kc16l Forget harsh overhead lights when you need to create a romantic atmosphere and go for some natural candlelight instead. This pack of 10 Tealights can be used all over the room you are romantic’ing up to create a wonderfully relaxing and romantic ambiance. read more

Indecent Proposals Board Game
sk111l The Indecent Proposals Board Game is where sexual fantasies are bought and sold! (well, between you and your partner using pretend money anyway!). This really rather steamy 2 player game will have you talking dirty and acting out your fantasies at the roll of a dice. Take turns to move around the board, buying sex acts from each other as you progress towards the big finale! read more Suggest a little gameplay to your partner, or perhaps wrap the game (or let us wrap it for you!) and give it as a present.

Renewed Energy Massage Oil
sk116l This wonderful Renewed Energy Massage Oil contains an uplifting blend of Bergamot (for some seriously positive effects on the mind) and Eucalyptus to refresh, invigorate and re-focus the mind. Rich in essential oils and using the finest carriers it also contains Thyme, to help stimulate the body into action, and a little soothing Lavender to provide a re-assuring base to the oil. read more For use during or after your game to help you to help your partner relax or to give her a wonderful, sensual massage.

LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set
sk105l The LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set is the gift set for more passionate nights, containing everything you need to indulge in playful restraint and sensual, arousing sensations. read more And for use once your game really gets going! This brilliant, stylish and sexy little set from LELO has everything you need to compliment all of the games we stock here at Seductious.

Yes Water-Based Natural Lubricant 75ml
sk1144l Experience a breakthrough in Lubricant technology with Yes. Yes lubricants offer you the discretion of products which draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste or colour. We believe that lubricants should facilitate your pleasure, without masking your skin and senses. Sexual arousal is intimately linked to natural pheremones, and with Yes lube, your own signals of desire are neither obscured nor confused. read more Now we don’t really think we need to tell you how to use this brilliant lube from Yes, but suffice to say your partner will hugely appreciate that you are thinking of her wellbeing with this organic, natural product.

LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner
sk1142l Made to the same high quality standard as LELO’s toys this antibacterial cleaning spray is proven to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Packaged beautifully in LELO’s usual stylishly designed box and bottle for that signature look this PH balanced, alcohol-free, antibacterial toy cleaner is a totally discreet sex toy cleaner. read more And finally… so that your toy is clean and ready for your next gameplay session give it a clean post use, for which we are sure your partner will hugely appreciate.