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Ceramic Moon and Star Oil Burner
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

So why on earth would you want to buy and use an oil burner? Well firstly and most importantly – you’ll be infusing the air in your room with some wonderful essential oils, all of which have qualities to relax your partner and help to take her cares away. Some also have aphrodisiac qualities. Secondly you get to use a candle, which will throw out the perfect, romantic, seductive flickery light which is way better for lighting your room than any artificial light. And finally – it shows your sensitive, caring side. And, as all of the kits that we sell with oil burners also come with a carefully chosen essential oil this is all good stuff.

Ceramic Moon and Star Oil Burner Description:

Our large Moon and Star Fragrance Oil Burner is beautifully crafted in terracotta.

How to use: Half fill the well with water and add a few drops of one of our carefully chosen Essential Oils. Place a tea light in the opening on the base and light!

Size: Height 12cm x Width 10cm x Depth 10cm

Colour: Blue/Brown

Precautions: Take care with any naked flames or hot oil and never allow the fragrance oil to run dry or it may damage the oil burner.