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Honeysucklecove Relax Bath Melt
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

So how is running a bath for your partner and giving her this lovely little Bergamot bath melt going to help get you closer to what you want? Well, seeing as you asked…. Firstly you’ve helped her to relax, yup, that really was very very simple wasn’t it really – all you had to do was to run the bath and buy her this fantastical bath melt (and remember – you need her to be relaxed if thoughts of bedroom fun with you are going to enter her head) and secondly – with you having done those two things she’ll feel special – after all you’ve gone to all of that effort just for her, so she’ll feel that she must be worth it, and its a possibility that she’ll want to reward you for that…

Honeysucklecove Relax Bath Melt Description:

For when you need your partner to see the rosier side of life…. we suggest running her a bath, removing all distractions from the bathroom (think kids bath toys and 10 year old empty bottles of shampoo), then put the kids to bed (yourself!), light some candles round the edge of the bath and pop this gorgeous little Rose bath melt on the side of the bath for her. Then invite your beloved to step in so that she can unwind and escape.

Contains lots of lovely rose petals to help her thoughts dreamily drift towards those of luxury and romance…

Ingredients:  Containing Lavender, Clary sage & Bergamot for a relaxing, caliming, de-stressing, anxiety relieving and encourages the feelings of contentment.