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Fetish IOU
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

These Fetish IOU vouchers could well help to get you and your partner into a really great place for a night of very norty passion. These vouchers are written to get you both sizzling into a frenzy of sauciness. Given their content they may well not be for everyone, but presented at the right time and given the right circumstances, maybe a glass or two of something alcoholic (to relax you both enough to let go of a few inhibitions) and a quiet, relaxed, disturbance free environment and your partner could well be up for some of the suggestions contained within… we suggest that you go on and give them a try, you never know quite where they might lead.

Fetish IOU Description:

If one of or both of you is in need of a little extra kink or punishment! then these 42 Fetish IOU cards, each with their clever little pull-tab hiding a naughty instruction, will help to fulfill you and your partner’s kinky cravings.

Exchange Fetish IOU’s with your partner for a little bit of deviant pleasure! Indulge yourselves with forbidden desires as you open each IOU and follow the instructions inside.

Containing 42 hidden pull-tab cards and packaged in a small and discreet black box – these IOU’s are great fun and can really help to spice things up for you both! Even though they’re called ‘Fetish’ IOUs the actions can be completed without anything that you’re not comfortable with, for example “Sex in the great outdoors – bring your rope”. The fetish twists are simply added at the end and can therefore be ignored if one or both of you isn’t comfortable with the suggestion. And the tabs can even remain to one side if you want to use them again.

We suggest picking one at the beginning of the week and giving yourselves until the end of the week to act the instruction out – then you have no idea when your other half is going to choose to act – and the anticipation of knowing that something is going to happen “soon” could well be amazing for your sex life!