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Sex! Coupons
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

All of the ‘vouchers’ (you could also call them ‘coupons’) we sell here at Seductious will help to get you and your partner into a really great place for a night of passion. These vouchers are written to get you both sizzling into a frenzy of sauciness. They may well not be for everyone, but presented at the right time and given the right circumstances, maybe a glass or two of something alcoholic (to relax you both enough to let go of a few inhibitions) and a quiet, relaxed, disturbance free environment and your partner could well be up for some of the suggestions contained within… we suggest that you just go on and give them a try, you never know quite where they will lead…

Sex! Coupons Description:

This really rather kinky book of sex coupons (we like to call them “Sex Me If You Can”) will help to enthral and excite you both as you promise each other an array of different positions! There are 20 seriously playful and erotic coupons which could well expand your sexual repertoire, filling it with excitement and anticipation.

Definitely don’t be put off by the slightly tacky looking front cover, with the blaring ‘SEX! COUPONS’ title – you will be pleasantly surprised when opening the booklet to discover that the coupons are all produced on good quality paper and look like something you would genuinely like to give to your other half as a fun gift.

The coupons themselves are all in the same design, with the same background image. On each there is a “This Coupon Is Good For:” title, a “Sexy” position title (such as “Kneeling Goddess” or “Sideways Seduction” or “Raunchy Rider”), and a section for you to write in: “To”, “From”, the “Date given”, the “Date redeemed”, and “Notes”! There is also a little line drawing of the position that is being referred to in the title. Every coupon is therefore a voucher for the position being illustrated with this line drawing.

The coupons can work in versatile ways – for example – you could give your partner a few of the coupons and let her cash them in whenever she’s so desires.

In summary:

  • They are good fun and would make a great stocking-filler or a ‘just because’ present.
  • Each has a reasonable amount of variation.
  • They are a just a good fun gesture for you and your partner to give to one another and enjoy!