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Original Carshalton Lavender Bath Salts Cake
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

So then chaps – how is running a bath for your partner and pouring in these fantastic lavender bath salts going to get you closer to what you want? Well its all about two very simple things – firstly by running her a bath and pouring in these salts you’ve helped her to relax (and you’ll need her to be relaxed if thoughts of naughty fun with you are going to enter her head), and secondly you will have made her feel special – you will have gone to all of that effort of running her a bath and buying her these salts – all just for her, so she’ll feel that she must be worth it, and its a possibility that she might want to reward you for having gone to that effort…

Original Carshalton Lavender Bath Salts Description:

Original Carshalton Lavender Bath Salts 400g

Calming, Reassuring and Therapeutic – Original Carshalton Lavender combines Dead Sea Salts, Epsom salts and Original Carshalton Lavender for a herbaceous skin nourishing treat and pure relaxation..

The salts are hand combined and blended with Original Carshalton Lavender Essential Oil and flowers to create the unique, deep and herbaceous scent. The beautiful floral fragrance will have your partner relaxed in no time.

Carshalton Lavender Bath Salts are a favourite to use before bedtime, for their relaxing properties and also popular for use on irritated skin for it’s soothing properties. Sensitive skins will be replenished by the rich minerals in the salt which help heal the skin, just like when you go in the sea.

Pour into your partners bath and allow the salts to dissolve and the pieces of Lavender to float around, then, for a lovely exfoliate, suggest that your partner wet her skin with warm clean water and then gently rub the salts across the surface of her skin, allowing the salts to dissolve as she goes. Then rinse with clean warm water. Alternatively of course you could do this for her, for that extra drop of luxury.