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Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

For when you want to perform a little sensory deprivation, or indeed to have some sensory deprivation performed on you! this blindfold is perfect for removing vision and heightening the senses. If you haven’t already tried discovering the pleasure and wonder that awaits, we can highly recommend it…

Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold Description:

A soft blindfold that’s shaped to perfection and completely opaque making it perfect for blocking out the light and any other distracting sights, allowing you or your partner to to focus entirely on the pleasure at hand.

The exterior of this blindfold is made from a faux fur material that is sensually smooth, and the edges are lined with mock leather for a little extra added kink. The interior is made of soft, stretchy polyester. It is also double layered to avoid light getting in, or your submissive seeing out!

The double elastic to the back allows easy adjusting of the blindfold and prevents it from slipping off.

Colour: Black