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Hello, my name is Iain Littlejohn; I am British, but currently I live and work in Alicante in Spain. I am married with two grown up children.

The Get More, Get Better course has been a learning journey that has taken me many years to complete.

I read; books on how to get better at sex, countless books on relationship improvement, books with titles about what to do if your marriage had no sex in it whatsoever, books on how to have sex with your partner in long term relationships, magazine articles on seduction, even books on how to pickup women. And as I read I made notes, mainly by way of picking out the good bits which applied to my situation (of which, unfortunately, there were few). As I read more, and tried to find out more information, it became clear that there are loads of books on how to pickup women, loads on what to do with your female partner once you've got her into bed, but very little on how to actually get her there in the first place. Which, let's face it; after the infatuation stage in a relationship is over, kids have set in, career building really kicks off and the speed of life goes supersonic, it's never the easiest thing in the world to do. 

Then I decided to share the summary of my learning - and the Get More, Get Better course is the result. Many years’ worth of trawling, reading, note taking, trial and error, learning, talking, writing, failing, picking back up, hard work and understanding have gone into this course so that you don't have to go through the same, very long winded, learning curve as I did.

And as a result of what I found I set out to do something a little different with this course...
* To ban waffling.
* To always get to the point; quickly, efficiently and without going round the houses to get there.
* To write about the subject from a man's perspective, with a man's view on the world and trying to talk in a language that you'll understand.
* To keep on referring it back to the reason that you purchased the course in the first place, because sometimes it might feel like it's going off track, and you'll need it to be brought back occasionally.
* To build and deliver a product that is; easy for you to work with, and that you can actually get something from, ie not something that simply goes in one ear and out the other, and then you struggle to remember what you read 5 minutes later.