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Don’t get frustrated, get educated. There are plenty of books out there on how to have better sex, but what if you struggle with simply knowing how to get your partner into bed in the first place? This 8 week course, aimed at men in long term relationships with women, cuts out the waffle and gets straight to the point, so you can efficiently understand how to get your partner into bed more often.

How does the course work?
It is an 8 week course spread over 38 daily parts which are designed to be read in just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week in a specific order

Why a course and not just a book?
If you struggle to find the time to read a book or you need more structured learning then this course will give you that structure and will break down everything you need to know into manageable chunks, making it easier and quicker to learn

You should know enough by the end of Day 17 to understand what you’ve got to do to seduce your partner into bed and how to do so more often

Course Contents
The course is split into 38 daily parts:

Day 1 is an introductory day covering topics such as; how the course works, how long it's going to take to get more sex and what it will take to achieve success
Days 2-4 cover the “Stop It Now’s”, these are the things you should stop doing because they could be putting your partner off of sex
Day 5 looks at what I call the "Start It Now's" - these are the things that you should start doing if you want more sex
Days 6-8 keep going with the "Start It Now" suggestions
Day 8 looks at 20 self-improvement ideas to help you look better, both mentally and physically, to your partner, and it starts on the 61 "Getting better at sex" tips, given to you at a rate of two tips per day until the end of the course
Day 9 looks at how you can get your partner thinking about sex with you more via the ‘Daily tasks’. These will make it easier for you to get sex when you want it
Day 10 looks at what you should be doing weekly to get more sex, concentrating on date nights and conversations to effectively ‘chat your partner up’
Day 11 keeps going with the weekly to-do’s
Days 12-13 look at the suggested monthly to-do’s, these are all about the things that you can do to give you great opportunities for sex
Day 14 looks at how you can create and spot good opportunities for sex with your partner
Day 15 is about how you can get your partner into bed when you want to - introducing you to the process of how to relax and romance her and how to undertake a little foreplay on her mind
Days 16-17 over the course of these two days we look at ‘Foreplay stage two – working on her body’ and 'How to initiate sex with your partner'
Day 18 is all about how you can keep the momentum going so that you can keep on getting more of what you want
Day 19 concludes the main course content by giving you a step by step checklist of what you can do if you still aren’t getting as much sex as you want
Day 20 from here on in you are set daily exercises to cement and further your learning

Days 21-38 for the remainder of the course you’ll be given an average of 7 exercises to work on every day to cement and further your learning on the topics that have been covered in the main course