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Date night part 9 – Date night out ideas and tips

Posted on 29th June 2015 by

We’ve mostly covered ideas on ‘staying in’ date nights so far, but in today’s post we’re going to cover some going out date night ideas.

Words: Jeremy Parker 11/10/2013

Over the course of these posts on date nights we’ve covered loads of topics, but so far we’ve mostly covered ideas on ‘staying in’ date nights. In today’s post we’re going to cover some going out date night ideas.

Going out date nights

So then – going out or staying in, does it really matter? No, not really! The main thing is that you both commit to spending time together with no other distractions. If you remember that rule and that one alone then you’ll be off to a great start.

Let’s get going with today’s post and the ‘going out’ date night ideas…

1. Ideas for higher cost date nights:

  • The first and most obvious idea is for you to take your partner out to dinner at a local restaurant. Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy restaurant (fancy restaurants may help some of your partners feel well and truly pampered and spoilt though, whilst making other partners totally unable to relax due to the poshness of the whole occasion, you know your own partner best so my advise is to choose wisely and accordingly), but in the end anywhere will do, but just as long as you can both relax and talk easily.
  • Take a trip to see a show together (with dinner first perhaps?), relax and chat over drinks in the interval, and snuggle up together holding hands during the performance.
  • Cinema – go and see a romantic film (it really does need to be one that your partner wants to see as well though! i.e. avoid that totally blokey action movie that your partner is likely to hate), snuggle up at the back of the cinema, hold hands, kiss lots and generally be 16 again! Worth noting though that this one (and the show one too) aren’t ideal, because you don’t get the opportunity to talk, and therefore to connect, much.

2. Ideas for zero to low cost date nights out:

  • Go for a walk together; hold hands, enjoy a beautiful view, escape your house, take a picnic, randomly stop and snog, get a new perspective on things, go breathe some of that clever fresh air stuff. All that and you are getting some exercise too, perfect!
  • Eat dinner together at home (just the two of you ideally), but then have pudding and coffee at that local expensive restaurant instead.
  • Go take a trip down memory lane (preferably a nice memory for the both of you though!) – drive down it, walk down in or just visit it. Perhaps do a return tour of where you first met, drive by the first house you rented or owned together (talking about the romantic (or sexy!) things you did in each place), go back to the first place you kissed (and kiss there again), go back to where you proposed (and get down on one knee in a sillyish way and tell your wife you love her very much) or go to a view that you both love and watch the view!
  • Really want to go to the theatre, but simply can’t afford it? Then perhaps find out where your local college or University is and if they have a drama department or theatre group. They might put on cut price shows and you can snuggle up at the back of their theatre instead of the super-expensive one.
  • Rather go to a grown up theatre production? But you’ve got kids and you can’t afford both a babysitter and the price of a show? Then try a matinee performance whilst the children are at school (you’ve then set the day up well for a fine evening together later).
  • Laughter is both a great medicine and a great way to relax – so drop in on an open mic night at a local comedy club – it’ll be way cheaper than going to see a top named comedy star. It might not be quite as ‘laugh out loud’, but you’ll both be out of the house, having a giggle together, holding hands – and you never know – you might even get to see a brilliant comedy genius talent before they become famous, then you can brag about it later on in the decade.
  • Rendezvous in an exclusive hotel – you don’t need to book a room, both of you put on some fine clothes and stroll into the place like you own it, meet your partner at the bar at a pre-arranged time – the drinks might be mighty expensive, but it’ll make you both feel great to be doing something a little bit different and may well rekindle those first date nerves and passions!
  • And if none of these are any good at all then try the ‘date nights in’ ideas from last week’s post.

3. Going out date night tips:

The following section will help you get the best out of your date night out…

  • If you’ve both still got children at home and are planning on going out on a date night, then you’ll quite obviously need to get someone to look after your children! Whether you are leaving them at home being looked after by someone else, or if you are taking your children to family or friends houses to be looked after then make sure that the person that you’ve left your children with is someone that your partner is happy with. Ideally avoid the local village nutcase, otherwise it’s unlikely that your partner will relax as much as you’ll need her to. Do the sensible stuff to ensure that your partner can relax, i.e. making sure that the person who’s looking after your children has your mobile phone number, your partners as well, and for example, if you are going out to a restaurant, the restaurants phone number. It’s also well worth getting it right in your babysitters head what would constitute an emergency that necessitated a phone call to you, then you won’t both get disturbed with non-urgent stuff.
  • If you’ve got a babysitter at home looking after your children then you could even go as far as pre-arranging with someone else that you trust (i.e. perhaps either yours or your partners parents) to act as the babysitters first point of contact if there is an issue. The benefit of this is that your partner isn’t sat there on date night with you on tenterhooks just in case the phone rings with a problem, because someone else is the first line of defence.
  • The thing that your partner sees as the seductive bit is that you’ve been thinking about her, about her pleasure, about what will help her relax, that you’ve gone out of your way to help her relax and that you’ve put in some effort. We’re talking the simple stuff here, nothing complex;
    • So… having arranged the babysitter.
    • Having booked the table at the restaurant.
    • Having helped your partner out with stuff that’s on her list of to-do’s so that she isn’t thinking of them whilst she’s on date night with you.
    • Having made sure that there’s a nice bottle of something sparkling (or similar) sat waiting in the fridge for you both when you get home, with two glasses in your bedroom ready and waiting.

That’s it for today. To round off the posts on date nights we’re going to look at date night feedback tomorrow! Yes, that’s right – feedback. Bear with it, it’s definitely a very useful thing for finding out from each other how date night worked for you both, so that you can either improve it for next time, or keep doing more of the same if it worked brilliantly this time.