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Date night part 10 – Post date night feedback

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

To round off the series of posts on date nights we take a look at the concept of getting feedback post-date night. That’s right you need to discuss between you how date night went!

Words: Jeremy Parker 14/10/2013

To round off this series of posts on date nights we’re going to take a look at the concept of getting feedback post-date night. I’m going to ask you to discuss how your date night went!

Now this sounds way more severe than it actually is! We’re not talking post-date meetings to give feedback with formal minute taking, agendas, feedback forms and actions. But it’s worth mentioning that at the very least you could have a conversation with your partner at some point the next day, for example, about how date night went. Did you both enjoy it? What was it that you enjoyed? What would you both like to do differently next time? etc.

If you didn’t quite get what you wanted on your date night then getting feedback will also help you discover what you can do next time to get closer to some of what you want at the end of the date. Now I know that having said this I’m contradicting what I said earlier about date night not being totally about you getting what you want at the end of it, but I’ll pretty much guarantee that that’s what will be on your mind at some point during date night, so if you haven’t had the success that you want this time, then go ask for the feedback for next time. Do it subtly though otherwise you may just as well come out and ask the rather direct question of “why didn’t we have sex last night?”, and that’s really not the greatest of direct questions to come out and ask!