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Date night part 2 – Food for your date night

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

In today’s date night post we’re looking at some food ideas for your date night in dinner.

Words: Jeremy Parker 02/10/2013

Yesterday we started off by looking at some helpful stuff on how you could best prepare for your date night, then we covered how to make sure your house is in a good place. Today we’re looking at some food ideas for your date night in dinner…

Food preparation

Before we get going let’s have a quick look at some tips on preparing for your date night dinners…

  • Ideally date night would be a night off for your partner, especially if she always does the cooking. So have a think about the food that you are going to cook on date night well in advance. Plan what you are going to make, what ingredients you need, where you are going to get them, when you are going to get them and when you need to start prepping the food. A meal that you’ve made yourself is a great way to seduce your lover!
  • Totally scared of cooking or completely rubbish at it? Okay fine, then you could LEARN! Surprise your partner a bit. If you don’t normally cook then only a disaster which totally burns your kitchen to the ground will mean a disappointed partner because she’ll be really pleased that you made the effort for her.
  • Don’t have the time for all that cooking malarkey? Okay then – go buy a luxury meal you can just throw in the oven at home instead. She’ll still appreciate the fact that you went to the effort of choosing the meal, switching the oven on, unwrapping the meal, laying the table, etc.
  • When you are thinking about what to make or buy think light sensual foods and small portions. Why? Because feeding your partner too much food and making her full will totally put her off of any thoughts on intimacy with you, that’s why!
  • If you are doing the cooking then make sure that on the day, or if possible the night before, you cook as much as you are able to beforehand so you can spend as much time with your partner as possible during your date night. What you really, really want to avoid is you spending half the night cooking for your partner leaving her sat there twiddling her thumbs waiting for you.
  • Do try and match the wine to the food, there’s so much help out there in books, on the web, in apps, on the back of wine bottles, in recipe books, etc. that will help you with this that it’s not a difficult thing to do and it shows your partner that you’ve made that extra little bit of effort that she’s worth.
  • Whatever food and drink you choose you should also try not to introduce too many different tastes to the table. This could potentially be really overwhelming for your partner.
  • As you are cooking keep clearing away, it’ll make the clearing up exercise when you are done much quicker and your partner won’t look at the mess and immediately add it to her mental to do list. It’s so easy just to keep the dishwasher open to shove stuff in, or to keep a bowl or sink full of soapy water on the go to quickly wash something and shove it on the draining board as you go.

That’s it for today, in tomorrow’s post we continue with the food theme, concentrating on sensuous food and drink.