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10 things to stop if you want more sex

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

10 things to stop doing if you want MORE sex?!?!?! You read that right, here are 10 things that if you are doing them then you really need to stop doing them if you want more…

Words: Jeremy Parker 25/10/2013

Stuff to stop if you MORE sex?!?!?! Surely that’s crazy! Well, no, not really, becuase potentially there is a load of really stupid stuff that you could be doing which could be putting your partner off of sex with you. So below are ten things which I recommend that you stop doing (right now!) if you want more sex with your partner…

First off – quit pursuing your partner for sex – what does that mean exactly? Essentially it means that you really need to stop turning every single close interaction with your partner into an opportunity to try it on. A hug in the hallway turns into a gropefest for example. Just because your partner gives you a cuddle, or wants to snog you, it doesn’t automatically mean that she wants sex, women are simply different from men. If you keep on trying it on after every attempt from her to have some closeness with you then all you will do is to drive her away.

Secondly – I’m going to suggest that if you are an angry person – that you stop it. Why? Well mainly because anger, resentment, disappointment, hurt, or betrayal will only dampen your partner’s desire for you, that’s why – and none of those things are going to get you more sex.

Thirdly – quit arguing with your partner. Again, why? Well – arguing with her really isn’t one of the world’s best seduction techniques now is it (sarcasm alert message on screen), and secondly all you are doing by arguing with her is being a problem to her, and how on earth are you going to turn her on enough to want to sleep with you if you are one of her problems? If you are a control freak go and sort it out, tame that inner freak.

Fourth – quit with the mindset that “it’s all her fault” that you aren’t getting as much sex as you’d like or that your partner is withholding sex from you purely out of spite. Sorry to say this chaps but you have your part to play in this one too, just because you married her it doesn’t automatically entitle you to as much sex as you’d like, so quit the assumption that sex in a long term relationship is a given, it is unfortunately not simply your right as a married man. Instead you’ve got to put the hard work in to relax her, to romance her, to seduce her. Go make some effort.

Fifth – now this is going to seem obvious – but don’t, ever, ever, put your partner down and quit with any daft negative comments that you may have made about your partner’s body. Always go careful with your answers to questions around her body image. Just think before you speak.

Six – Quit reminding your partner that you aren’t getting as much sex as you’d like to be getting. Your negative comments about your sex life, or lack of it, will not help matters.

Seven – Stop lying to your partner – right now – always tell the truth – she needs to be able to trust you or the last thing on her mind is going to be getting naked with you.

Eight – sorry to say this chaps – but unless you are Brad Pitt like in your build then your naked body will more than likely NOT turn your partner on, women just don’t work that way, so strutting about in just a skimpy little towel, or indeed in the buff will more than likely not work.

Nine – Simply asking your partner if she is “in the mood?” is NOT an effective seduction strategy.

Ten – finally – If you’ve been rejected for sex by your partner – don’t close down afterwards. Try really, really hard not to take rejection personally. Instead – learn something from the rejection, what will you do differently next time? and then simply move on.

And in Week 1 of The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course there are an additional 35 things that we suggest you should also be stopping, as well as a lot more detail on these ten points above.

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