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Self-improvement to get more – Part 1 of 3

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

The first in a mini-series of posts all about self-improvement – your self-improvement! And why would you want to improve yourself? Well if it helped you to get more then you just would, wouldn’t you?

Words: Jeremy Parker 28/10/2013

Today we’re starting a small series of posts all about self-improvement – your self-improvement to be exact! We’re going to look at how having; good hygiene, a non-scratchy face, getting some exercise, having a bit of a dress sense, a half way decent haircut, a non-hairy nose and some self-confidence will go a very long way in helping you to get more of what you want. I’ll also introduce you to the topic of romance (having a little bit of this in your relationship is super-important to getting you more – just incase you didn’t already know that!).

So let’s get started…

The self-improvement section

Over the course of the next three days-worth of post’s we’ll look at ways in which I’m going to suggest you can improve yourself for the benefit of your sex life with some personal grooming. Today we’ll cover off six personal grooming suggestions, closely followed by 6 the day after that and then a final six to finish off the series.

Now I certainly don’t expect that you’d go off and work on them all straight away – because firstly if you did then your partner could well wonder what on earth was going on and who you were off having an affair with! and secondly you’ll likely forget them all incredibly quickly anyway.

Before we begin with the tips though let’s take a quick look at why you’d want to improve. If you are the sort of chap who has somewhat given up on personal grooming then it’s worth knowing that you are sending unconscious signals to your partner that you are giving up on a number of things in your relationship – the main one of which is that – you are stopping trying to look good to impress her. When you first get together with her it’s very likely that you paid a lot of attention to ensuring that you looked good for your new partner – so why wouldn’t you want to keep doing this? Especially if it helped you to get more of what you want. So with that in mind let’s get on with your first suggestion…

Self-improvement tip No. 1 – Have a wash

The first bunch of self-improvement tips are all going to be around sorting your personal grooming. This simply has to be up to scratch if you want to get more. Ensuring good hygiene levels at all times around your partner is a must do, you’ve got no choice. Please take a good look at your personal cleanliness – because poor hygiene is going to be a sure fire turn off for your partner. If you don’t do so already – then start washing regularly, and wash well when you do. If you don’t then your body odour is going to completely switch your partner off of you. Take a good look at your deodorant, if you haven’t got a decent one, and it doesn’t work then you are going to be Mr. Stinky at the end of the day, and that’s not exactly nice now is it.

Self-improvement tip No. 2 – Breath, yours

Halitosis is going to totally scupper your chances of scoring more regularly with your partner. Start this process off by at the very least ensuring that you do your teeth twice a day – bits of broccoli floating between your teeth (for example!) when you are trying to seduce your partner isn’t going to help matters. Once you’ve got this under your belt, not that this was overly tricky!, then go and buy yourself a decent mouthwash, oh yes, and remembering to use it is a good thing too. And as a final suggestion for this tip – purchasing yourself an electric toothbrush not only helps your teeth and is (hopefully) unlikely to break the bank, but might also make your partner think that you are starting to look after yourself as well – positive benefits all round.

Self-improvement tip No. 3 – Garlic salami sausage mouth

If your halitosis isn’t going away, then I’d suggest taking a look at what you are eating. If only one of you is eating garlic or heavily spiced foods on a lunchtime then choose the breath friendly alternative, or make sure that you both eat something garlicky or spicy on a night time to even you both out, or share a mouthful of your food with your partner if she’s eating with you. If you don’t, Mr. Stinky Chops, she is going to be somewhat put off of you. If, despite having brushed your teeth regularly, flossed, mouthwashed and stopped eating garlic, you’ve still got halitosis issues then start by going to see your dentist for a bit of confidential help and advice. There is always something that you can do to improve things in this department.

Self-improvement tip No. 4 – Ditch the scratchy face

Being Mr. Scratchy will only irritate your partner when you get the opportunity to get close to her to have a good old snog. If you absolutely must have the stubbly look on the go, or if your beard is essential to your life then go give it a good soften. Why? Because a scratchy face will only put your partner off of kissing you, and kissing is a very important way to get your partner going. And if you absolutely must be Mr. Stubbly then use hair moisturiser for beards please, and good old fashioned facial moisturiser, applied daily for the rest of your face.

Self-improvement tip No. 5 – Good smells

Try appealing to your partner’s sense of smell; wear a nice cologne. It’s not tricky, all you’ve got to do is go down your local posh department store (preferably with a wod of cash in your back pocket, because I’ll admit this isn’t an overly cheap idea to implement) and chat with the nice ladies on lots of different counters. They’ll be more than happy to give you a squirt on your arm of whatever pong it is that they’re trying to push. Better still though – go shopping with your beloved… a) she’ll more than likely blooming love going shopping with you (please try and pretend you actually want to be there though), b) she’ll be way impressed that you are starting to take care of yourself that much that you are actually spending some readies on your personal grooming and most importantly of all c) she can help you to choose a fragrance that she likes on you, and then you haven’t wasted a load of money on something that she totally and utterly can’t stand the smell of. More on this going shopping with your partner idea later too, for the moment just know that it’s a jolly good starter for ten…

Self-improvement tip No. 6 – Moisturize part 1

Okay, at this point I’m going to ask you not to switch off please. I’d really like you to bear with this idea… as I’m going to suggest that you do something which could be totally alien to you – that you start moisturising! Why? Well, there are two and half things in it for you…

  • It will make you look younger for longer – moisturising twice daily can help slow down the process of making you look older (just try it for a bit! Give it two weeks minimum and I can pretty much promise you’ll wonder why you never started in the first place).
  • Your partner will more than likely be impressed that you started. She may well get that little tingling sensation from the very fact that you’ve tried something a bit different and that you’ve listened to what she’s been suggesting for years, and bought out your feminine side!
  • And finally (and this is the half a reason)… and it’s only a half because you might not believe me – but real men do moisturise, and no, you don’t have to tell all your mates (that’s not compulsory) and nobody will know and yes, you can moisturise in private.

Phew, that’s quite enough for one day! Tomorrow I’ll bombard you with six more, including; going and getting some exercise, purchasing a copy of Esquire, go grabbing yourself a new hairdo, how to become more self-assured, and a couple more (but we’ll cover these tomorrow).