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Date night part 4 – Preparing you and your partner

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

In today’s post we take a look at how to prepare really well for date night so that it goes just the way you want…

Words: Jeremy Parker 04/10/2013

In this series of posts on date nights so far we’ve looked at:

  • Some helpful stuff on how you can best prepare for your date night…
  • Making sure your house is in a good, relaxed, calm place and…
  • Food and drink ideas for your date night

Today we’ll get to how to prepare well for date night…

Preparing you and your partner!

First, how to prepare your partner (bear with it and read on, this sounds odder than it actually is!)

Your partner

Yes, you need to prepare your partner well for date night! Try the following to get her into the right place for a really great evening together …

  • Run her a bath and make sure that she spends the time luxuriating in it whilst you prepare dinner for you both.
    • Have a glass of something alcoholic; perhaps wine, champagne or sparkling wine waiting for her on the side of the bath.
    • If you’ve got children at home still then whilst she’s in the bath make sure that they know that its “mummy” time and that she is not to be disturbed.
    • Remember that bubbles in the bath and candles round the edge of it will go down really well for showing her that you’ve made every single possible bit of effort for her to relax and enjoy her quiet time.
    • Try a bath bomb or perhaps rose petals sprinkled into the water to get her senses going early on in the evening.
  • If you’ve got time during your dinner preparation perhaps you could…
    • Offer to wash her feet whilst she’s in the bath. If she’s okay with you touching her feet and isn’t totally ticklish there then she’ll more than likely find it exquisitely relaxing and intensely luxurious.
    • Sit with her and catch up whilst she’s luxuriating in the bath.
    • Or offer to wash her hair or her back.
  • When she gets out of the bath, and again if you’ve got the time during your dinner preparation, you could offer to dry her and / or rub moisturiser in afterwards.
  • And of course do make sure that you’ve done everything that you can to ensure that your partner can be as relaxed as possible during date night by doing the stuff under the ‘House’ topic in Mondays post.


And of course we can’t leave you out of it either I’m afraid, you need to prepare well in order to impress your partner still…

  • Whether you are going out or staying in your partner needs to see that you’ve made some sort of effort for date night, ditch the baggy, holey jeans or scruffy paint splattered overalls in favour of something smarter – even if it’s just a decent pair of jeans that fit you well and a t-shirt. It doesn’t have to be much, just show her that you made an effort to tart yourself up a bit for date night – be visually pleasing to her and make sure that she’s reminded why she bothered with dating (and, if applicable! marrying) you in the first place!
  • Be clean, don’t be Mr. Stinky – have a shave, have a wash if you need to, apply your nice, new, decent deodorant – and review our posts on ‘self-improvement’ if you need more reminders.
  • Clean your teeth, don’t have stinky breath for date night.
  • Apply the nice, new cologne you purchased in order to smell yummy for your partner.

That’s it for today… but tomorrow to round off we’ll look at some brilliant little date night ideas.