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Date night part 5 – Date night in ideas

Posted on 29th June 2015 by Iain Littlejohn

In today’s post on planning the perfect romantic and seductive date night we look at some ideas for a great date night in…

Words: Jeremy Parker 07/10/2013

In this series of posts on date nights so far we’ve looked at:

  • Some helpful stuff on how you can best prepare for your date night…
  • Making sure your house is in a good, relaxed, calm place and…
  • Food and drink ideas for your date night
  • How to prepare your partner well for date night, making sure that she’s in a really great, relaxed place.
  • How to make sure that you are well prepared and looking and smelling great for a brilliant date night.

In today’s post we’ll look at some ideas for a great date night in…

Ideas for date night:

  • The most obvious date night in idea is of course the very traditional dinner with your partner sat at your kitchen or dining room table. There’s nothing wrong with this whatsoever, it’s a great place where you and your partner can relax together without her worrying about what she’s wearing or who’s looking at her or what the waiter thinks of you both or how much it’s going to cost you both, ie it can just be the two of you to concentrate on.
  • Having had dinner watch a romantic film together, do try and make it one that she’ll actually enjoy and want to watch though! Perhaps rent the first film you ever watched together, it’ll bring back those first date nerves and passions. Give imdb.com a go for ratings and reviews, and perhaps check in with her first to see if she approves of your choice. I’m sure you don’t need telling that the wrong film will more than likely be a total passion killer.
  • Have a cinema night in; turn your sofa into the back row of the cinema, make a load of popcorn (not so much that she’ll feel really bloated afterwards having snaffled the lot though!), buy or rent a romantic, sexy film to snuggle up to together. See our post on “Erotic media” for some really film ideas.
  • Have a bath together (give your partner the non-tap end!); take strawberries, olives, etc. and of course some sparkly drink stuff, etc. to the bathroom with you, setup loads of candles and whack in the nice smelly bath bubbles. There are some great ideas for nibbly foods and drinks in Tuesday and Wednesdays posts.
  • Have dinner and then go and snuggle in bed together, or have a nibbly picky dinner in bed together. It’s warm there, she’ll relax and you’ll be in exactly the right place for later on. Just make sure you both eat lightly, otherwise she could feel so totally put off the idea of anything more having completely and utterly stuffed your faces! Once you’ve eaten go have a read of some erotic fiction together. This will help get your partner in the mood and will invoke those chemicals that you first had flying around your bods at the infatuation stage of your relationship. See our post on “erotic media” for some ideas.
  • None of that floating your boat? Okay then… think about the different places around your house that you could use to have your date, you don’t have to sit at your dining room table or slouch out in front of the TV in your lounge, instead surprise her with one of these ideas, they’ll increase the sexiness and excitement of doing something together that you don’t normally do…
    • If you’ve got a garden then you’ve got the perfect date location, it’s almost like going out! Grab some candles (the garden ones will probably be best, or storm lanterns if it’s that bit windier), lay out a rug and feed each other yummy nibbly foods and sparkling wine or champagne. A splendid seduction technique! See Tuesday and Wednesdays posts for some tips on food and drink.
    • If you haven’t got a garden then perhaps you possess a balcony? If so what a splendid, and really different place to use for your date. Don’t just grab the rug and the candles, grab a load of cushions as well, lie out, cuddle in and enjoy the view whilst idly chatting the night away. Just try not to set light to your cushions, bit of a passion killer that one.
    • Your lounge floor could be another possibility? You’ll need those rugs and those cushions again, and, if you’re lucky enough to have an open fire or a log burner then place the rug in front of it, light it up and go for it. The heat and the dancing flames will do wonders for the whole romantic ambience thing.
  • And finally – let’s end on an idea which starts with a ‘don’t’… It would be somewhat advisable to switch off the TV for anything other than that lovely romantic film, or if you absolutely must watch TV then watch something that’ll make you both laugh and relax. Normal, dull, everyday TV can be a real passion killer with its adverts every 5 minutes, and the constant arguments on reality TV or the depressing reality of the news! Instead; sitting down on your sofa, snuggling up and chatting with the TV switched to the ‘off’ position is best for helping you both connect with each other through words and some of that lovely staring deeply into each others eyes stuff.

That’s it for today, in tomorrow’s post we’ll be covering off some date night rules! Sorry, yes, rules. Why? Well, mainly to ensure that you get the best out of each and every date night, because date night needs to be a time for each other and absolutely nothing and nobody else. More tomorrow.