How Our Products Work

Seductious sells romantic and seductive gifts to men, to give to their female partners. That’s us in a nutshell. So when asking the ‘How our products work’ question lets define what we mean by ‘work’ exactly. When you buy a kit from us and give this to your partner you are making a romantic gesture towards her. The products from the kit that you present her with can also, put across and used in the right way, be considered as seductive. So in this help article we’ll answer two questions, firstly “how do our products work to help you bring a little romance into your relationship?” and secondly “how do our products work to help you seduce your partner?”:

If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ article you’ll know that we’ve partnered with Jeremy Parker, author of the Get More, Get Better course, a 38 day eBook based course for men, in long term relationships with a female partner, designed from the ground up to help the reader with how to get more sex…

  • In Jeremy Parkers course he structures great seduction in long term relationships in the following way; firstly you connect with your partner, then you relax and romance her, then your foreplay her mind, followed by foreplaying her bod.
  • With this in mind we’ve put our kits together with products which fit into the following categories: “Relax”, “Romance”, “Getting her in the mood” and “Getting it on”.
    • “Getting her in the mood” relates to Jeremy’s “foreplay her mind” category and…
    • “Getting it on” relates to Jeremy’s “foreplay her bod” category.
  • Let’s look at how our products can help you in each of these categories:
    • So firstly – how do our products help you to romance your partner? The majority of our kits can be considered (depending on your partner’s point of view of course!) as romantic. What your partner considers as romantic is likely to be different from someone else, but the fact that you’ve gone to the effort of buying your partner items that you know she’ll love and that you have genuinely taken care over choosing will more than likely be seen by her as romantic.
    • And how do our products help you to relax your partner? Well, depending on the kit that you purchase our products can also help you here too; we say the word ‘can’ because obviously you also need to play your part too, it’s not just a question of handing the kit you’ve purchased to her and going “there you go – relax!”. Products such as our bath bombs, massage oils, relaxing music, soaps, lavender infused products, etc. will all help your partner to relax, but in order to help you with this further we offer lots of advice on the subject on our blog here. Throughout our blog we give you loads of great ways to get the best out the kit that you’ve purchased.
    • And how do our products help you get your partner in the mood? Now obviously you need to play your part here too, but once you’ve followed our process of romancing and then relaxing your partner our products can help you seduce her by:
      • The nightwear we sell (and you give her to put on) making her feel sexy.
      • The romantic meal that you’ve gone to the effort to make her from our free recipe cards with their aphrodisiac ingredients.
      • The seductive bubbles and luxuriousness of champagne.
      • The candles you’ve lit with their seductive flickering, flattering, soft lighting and gentle heat.
      • The specially chosen films with erotic content fast tracking your partner’s thoughts in the right direction.
      • The aphrodisiac properties of the high percentage cocoa chocolate you feed her.
      • The erotic board and card games that you’ll play with her getting you both teasing and touching each other and slowly but surely turning up the heat.
    • And finally – how do our products help you get it on with your partner? The products in our romance, relax and getting her in the mood categories will all help you to get your partner in the right place. Most of our kits contain products in the “getting it on category”, so by the time you present your partner with a new lube, blindfold or bedroom toy, etc. to try out from the kit you may well have been surprised with how quickly she wanted to try it out with you. And if it’s a quality toy which works well (and we only choose to sell toys that are of excellent quality which will keep on performing for you both) then its highly likely that she’ll keep on wanting to come back to the bedroom with you to keep using it.

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