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Relax Bath Melt
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

So then chaps – how is running a bath for your partner and giving her a lavender bath melt going to get you closer to what you want? Well its all about two very simple things – firstly by giving her this bath melt to pop in that bath that you’ve run for her you have helped her to relax (and you’ll need her to be relaxed if thoughts of naughty fun with you are going to enter her head), and secondly you will have made her feel special – you will have gone to all of that effort to run her a bath and to buy her a lovely bath melt just for her, so she’ll feel that she must be worth it, and its a possibility that she might want to reward you for having gone to that effort…

Honeysucklecove Relax Bath Melt

An extremely moisturizing bar of Cocoa Butter that melts on contact with the warm bath water. Containing Lavender, Clary sage & Bergamot for a relaxing, caliming, de-stressing, anxiety relieving and encourages the feelings of contentment. And having a soothed and calm partner before bedtime will of course help massively with making some space in her head to entertain thoughts of naughty fun with you.

This bath melt will surprise your partner (in a pleasant way of course!) from the moment she unwraps it – the wonderful smell of lavender is intense enough even before she pops it in bath. Place it in – and it will start to fizz away… the lavender will slowly start to escape from the bath melt and the wonderful scents that are given off are enough to relax even the most tense of people.