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IOU Hot Sex Vouchers
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The romantic, seductive stuff…

All of the ‘vouchers’ (you could also call them ‘coupons’) we sell here at Seductious will help to get you and your partner into a really great place for a night of passion. These vouchers are written to get you both sizzling into a frenzy of sauciness. They may well not be for everyone, but presented at the right time and given the right circumstances, maybe a glass or two of something alcoholic (to relax you both enough to let go of a few inhibitions) and a quiet, relaxed, disturbance free environment and your partner could well be up for some of the suggestions contained within… we suggest that you go on and give them a try, you never know quite where they will lead.

IOU Hot Sex Vouchers Description:

The IOU Hot Sex Vouchers are the perfect erotic gift for anyone wanting to add a little variety and spice to their relationship, and are perfect for a saucy night in. Each of the 42 vouchers has a pull-out tab which hides an erotic instruction inside. The instructions range from a “2-hour sex session” to a little “shower sex”, you won’t know what you’re going to get until you open the card window – and when you cash in your voucher is totally up to you, making sure that sex becomes seriously spontaneous again (and jolly good fun!).

This very sexy deck of cards is the perfect erotic gift for anyone wanting to add a little variety and spice to their relationship. It will give you both a little variety and return some passion by introducing 42 intensely raunchy, different acts into your love life.

How to play:

  • Shuffle the pack.
  • And then divide the 42 cards between you and your partner.
  • When you feel like a little fun pick from one of your cards and present it to your partner.
  • Redeem your coupon right away or save it as an IOU for a later date (or even as a bargaining tool!).
  • Pull back the tab to reveal the naughty instruction.
  • Then simply enjoy the excitement, spice and variety of all the different suggestions!

This fantastic little game will – without a doubt – put a spark into any new relationship, or bring the old spark back into an existing relationship! Enjoy!