About Us

Firstly, who are we?

We are Seductious, a romantic gifts website with a difference (more on this below). We specialise in providing romantic and seductive gifts for women. In other words – we believe that our primary customers will be men, looking for romantic and seductive gifts for their female partners. That’s not to say that we think that the products we sell would be totally lost on a male recipient, but we believe that we’ve geared our kits up to appeal primarily to be given to women as gifts.

Secondly, what’s different about us?

So how do our the romantic gifts that we sell differ from what you might normally find out there? Where to start?…

  • No thoughtless “romantic” tat here; we don’t sell teddy bears, yukky tasting sparkly cheap booze or massage oil that smells like chip fat. That’s where we’ll start!
  • Care, thought and, dare we say it, a little science has been put into our product selection; all of the products that we sell have been chosen because they are genuinely romantic and seductive (though with some of our products you may also need to ‘sell’ the gift to your partner in the right way, but we can help you with that too if you need it).
  • We know our stuff; we’ve partnered with Jeremy Parker, author of Get More, Get Better, a 38 day eBook based course for men, in long term relationships with a female partner, designed from the ground up to help the reader with how to get more sex. There are plenty of books out there on how to have better sex, but if you struggle with simply knowing how to get your partner into bed in the first place then there isn’t quite as much choice. Jeremy is an expert on romance and seduction in long term male/female relationships, so he is more than well placed to know which products will work and which won’t.
  • We sell our products in four easy to understand and practical to use categories; “Relax”, “Romance”, “Getting her in the mood” and “Getting it on”! Jeremy’s course suggests that this is the way to romance and seduce your partner into bed – first you relax her, then you romance her, then you get her in the mood, and finally you can get it on!
  • We provide a one stop shop; everything you need for a romantic birthday or Christmas present for your partner, a valentines gift that will genuinely surprise and be appreciated, a romantic and seductive mini-break, a holiday treat for your partner or just a cheeky little thank you. We sell everything in one place; yes we agree, you can get all of our products elsewhere, but we sell everything you need right here, neatly parceled up into kits for you to make an easy choice. We also have the added advantage of the right knowledge and experience about the products we provide to help you get the best out of your purchase. Oh yes, and because we are a one stop shop you’ll only need to pay the one delivery charge too.

Third, how did we come about?

We came about out of frustration! A frustration at the inability to purchase genuinely romantic and seductive gifts for our partners easily and quickly without having to spend a fortune on delivery charges. It would appear that most of the websites that we could find who sell what they call ‘romantic gifts’ seem to be selling ‘stuff’ that might appeal to your first girlfriend, but that certainly won’t cut the mustard once we’ve all grown up a bit! We are a collaboration between an e-commerce company and a self-help author, and our baby (Seductious) was born following one late night conversation about a whole variety of stuff around; frustrations at the lack of decent advise out there for men, the lack of “romantic” gift sites that DON’T sell a teddy bear, the conflicting advise for men and the overwhelming amount of choice and options that there is out there for us chaps. Our aim is to make things way more straightforward and simple for you.

And finally, how long have we been around?

Development on the Seductious website started in January 2012, and trading begun in late 2012. Jeremy Parker started selling the Get More, Get Better course in May 2012 having been developing the product since early 2009.

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